Day 14 – 25th September

At about 6am this morning my dad accidently set off his car alarm and promptly woke the entire half of our camp. Lol. We packed up the tents, had a cold breakfast and we were off.

pic 29First stop was Mt dare to fill up and spoil the kids with a coke cola each.. Man was diesel expensive at $2.45 per litre. Last time it was expensive here too.. But it’s too far to the  next refuelling depo.

Anyway once our tanks were topped, it was a quick call home to say all is well and then we were off to Old Andado. It was an easy drive as the roads had been graded recently.

After lunch we had a look around Molly’s home.

pic 30 pic 31 pic 32 pic 33 pic 34 pic 35 pic 36 pic 37 pic 38

There was a great deal of interesting stuff here.

Later that day Bob the camp care taker arrived. He lit the boiler so we could have a hot shower. Best hot shower we’ve had for days.


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