Day 15 – 26th September

So I hadn’t managed to get a pic of Bob the care taker at old Andado… here is one from my Dads’ Camera.


Very interesting, kind man. Once we had breakfast it was off too Lamberts Centre.

pic 2

pic 3Very fun trek to go down, and after 12kms we arrived at the centre, where we had morning tea.

pic 4As you can see we are a little bit tired. After our photos we hit the road again. On our way to Kulgera we decided it would be a good idea to head to Uluru. So once we arrived at Kulgera we pumped our tyres up to 40psi because we were gonna hit the black top on our way.

pic 5While Dad and I were pumping our tyres the kids played on the broken down old tractor at the service station.

It interesting to drive at 130km/h, the car handled it with absolute ease. But alas it was to far to reach Uluru in one go, so just at the Stuart highway and Uluru intersection we stopped for the night at a little roadhouse called Erldunda.

Once our camp (no tents, we pulled the marques) is setup the kids wanted to go for a swim.
pic 6After which we headed to dinner and we saw some military vehicles on the back of road trains.. which absolutely made Isaacs day.

pic 7

All photos other than the first one was taken by Chareen. Also check out Chareen’s blog – Every Bed Of Roses, and my dad’s blog – Dingo Den’s Travels.


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