Day 16 – 27 September

pic 8Well it was only meant to be 7 deg C this morning and it was a  chilli 4 deg C and no one really wanted to get out of our sleeping bags.. but eventually we got up.We spotted lots of flocks of birds flying around.

pic 9

After a quick breakfast we were back on the road to Uluru.. but on this highway we can only do 110km/h as it is a busy highway.. after a few hours we arrived and decided to go and have a look at the rock first.

pic 10

But when we made the car park we couldn’t climb it as it was closed due to high winds.

pic 11

but we decided to go for a bit of a walk, instead.

pic 12 pic 13 pic 14

For lunch we had beef curry pies.. and the kids actually ate the whole pie.. lols. Once done we headed back to campsite to check in and setup our tent.

pic 15

After it was set up we went to the local shopping centre to get some stuff and we found out we missed the time to ride the camels so we headed down the road so the kids could have a good look at the camels.

pic 16

And then it was off to the uluru car park to watch the sun set and wait for sundown for the lights change.

pic 17

pic 18

Then it was back to the camp site to have dinner and bed.

All photos were taken by Chareen. Also check out Chareen’s blog – Every Bed Of Roses, and my dad’s blog – Dingo Den’s Travels.


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