Day 17 – 28 September

We woke up and had breakfast and went to the local service station and found out that fuel was $1.95/L. and decided to try and make it to Erldunda.

pic 19

Alas after 554km grunter ran out of diesel and I had to grab a fuel can and top her up with 21.5L of diesel from the yellow can…

pic 20

and then it was off to Erldunda to fill up, fuel here was 20c/l cheaper. While we were filling up the kids went and fed the local emus.

pic 21

After that we started our trip to Coober Pedy. For lunch we stopped at the border between SA and NT.

pic 23

After lunch we hit the road again and stopped at Cadney Homestead to put 31 L in the tank and then off to Coober Pedy. After a few more hours of driving we arrived.

pic 24

and drove to our camp ground.

pic 25

And when we stopped the kids loved the fact we were going to camp underground. Here is a photo our our camp before we put our sleeping bags.

pic 26

and here is it all set up.

pic 27 pic 27a

After dinner that night we went on the local tour on how they do mining down here in Coober Pedy.

pic 28 pic 29 pic 30 pic 31 pic 32 pic 33 pic 34 pic 35 pic 36 pic 37 pic 38

All photos other than the first one was taken by Chareen. Also check out Chareen’s blog – Every Bed Of Roses, and my dad’s blog – Dingo Den’s Travels.


One thought on “Day 17 – 28 September

  1. Kathleen and Dennis Juniper. says:

    Beautiful memories to have down the track. How blessed we all are to have this privilege of being able to travel like this. Thanks for sharing your journey.


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