Day 18 – 29 September

After breakfast we headed into town to have a good look around.. here is a pic of the truck which is called a blower at the entrance of town.

pic 39

First stop was the scenic look out.

pic 40

pic 41Then it was off to the Big Winch. This is actually the second piece of artwork as the first one was destroyed in a 1986 cyclone.

pic 42And here is the first tree in coober pedy, it was made from parts from a truck that was burnt out.

pic 43

And then it was off to look at a prop or too and some opal shops.

pic 45

And we saw the opal beatle and had to get a snap.

pic 44

Then it was off to the Breakaways down the road.

pic 46

We drove till the look out and had some ice-creams.

pic 47

Isaac loved his.

pic 48

Afterwards we continued on the dirt road and along the dog fence. Which is 5600km or so long now.. and is extremely effective in keeping the dingos from the local live stock.

pic 49 pic 50

Then it was off to Old timers Mine.

pic 51

Now I didn’t go in. My sister Chareen and the kids did.. I’ve been in before.

pic 52

After the tour we went to see a Blower in action.

pic 53 pic 54 pic 55

We then headed to the local supermarket to pick up some supplies and filled up the cars on our way back to camp.. well that’s all for today.

All photos were taken by Chareen. Also check out Chareen’s blog – Every Bed Of Roses, and my dad’s blog – Dingo Den’s Travels.


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