Day 20 – 1st October

Pic 20We woke up and had breakfast.. afterwards we decided to bury the mighty flask, as it ceased being able to seal itself and hold water.
Pic 21

Once done we packed up and placed the last of our fuel in our cans into our tanks and hit the road. We stopped at the bubbler and a few interesting sites along the way.

pic 22 pic 23 pic 24 pic 25 pic 26 pic 27 pic 28

We stopped to look at some road art.

Pic 29 pic 30 Pic 31 Pic 32 Pic 33 Pic 35

Pic 36We had some tea and then we hit the road again.. and roughly 10kms from Marree I realised I hadn’t tied down the gas bottle or the remaining bag of charcoal.. a quick stop and it was all fixed.

And then it was off to Marree.

Pic 37

Here we decided to go to the local hotel for lunch…

pic 38

We all decided to have hamburgers.

pic 39We also learnt a bit about Tom Kruze.After lunch we hit the road for Leigh creek and we spotted a historical town called Farina and popped in to have a look.. <pics 40-47> pic 40

pic 41 pic 42 pic 43 pic 44 pic 45 pic 46 pic 47

pic 48Afterwards we headed off to Leigh Creek for our night stop…two more sleepies and we will be home..


One thought on “Day 20 – 1st October

  1. Kathleen and Dennis Juniper. says:

    Thank you so much for having respect for my flask and taking the time to give it a right buriel. Much appreciated! Gosh that flask has travelled OZ. I suppose all good things come to a end sometime or other. Love all the photos


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