I had to give some thought onto where to mount my air compressor some thought as to where i wanted mount it…. and then an idea hit me , i don’t have a silly tiny jack.. and a high lift one was waiting for Christmas, i decided to use a dremil and cut away the bracket and plastic housing… i then drilled 4 holes and adjusted my ARB on-board compressor and installed it and yes the seats still fold away in it and dont touch the pump (Score!!)…

  compressorcompressor 2

I already extended the wiring for the switch and power for my last car…. so i had to think this one thru a little.. anyway ended up going to the left of the pump and under the plastic, to the wheel arch, over the arch (but under the plastic and down the side… and out where the last owner had the antenna cable come thru.. then i had to adjust the switch hole a little to hold my arb switch..

compressor 3\

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