So first up, i installed an ARB tray (couple of months ago). About a few months back my main battery died.. so i replaced it like for like, it wasn’t till i got the tray did i realize the terminals were on the wrong side.. ah well… So I went to a battery centre and got the battery tested and it still has 754CCA..

Anyway you will noticed my Redarc on the side, it is mounted on a metal building bracket (their is enough clearance from the battery and it doesnt touch). this is glued and bolted to the side of the battery tray. then i went and got an 82 Amp Hour deep Cycle battery (label on the battery).. this happened to be 25cm in length and so it fitted perfectly without modifying the tray. only thing left to do is to wrap the small red cables in sheath.. you will notice the earth cables, that was the last job i did when i fixed my earth issue.. i prefer the terminals being on the side closest to the engine. after my Hyundai caught fire.. i took the caution and felt better doing it this way.

Dual Battery 1

Dual Battery 2Note : the power cables are now heat shrink covered with the correct colours and the aux cables are also sheathed. more photos to follow

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