Well we installed both in the in less than two weeks..so here they are on the same page.
First up, my Dad and I installed a Heavy duty Rhino roof rack. I didn’t remove the interior lining, simply used my cordless drill to slightly into the roof.. then we used a jig and drill bit stop and drilled the remaining holes.. then followed the instructions and 3.5 hours later it was done. that was done last week.. and no we never went thru the lining and I don’t have any air conditioning ducts in the roof.. i am very very happy with the end result and feel confidant it will hold up well. its an extremely nice system and the design, quality fills you with confidence.

roof rack
The last two days we have installed an Outdoors r Us snorkel, and this took ages ( i have a feeling its cause i used my 90mm hole saw.. too cheap to pay $54 for a bigger one.. and used a dremel grinder to make it bigger.).. and make no mistake.. the holes in the template don’t line up at all, except for the main one ! i suggest you drill the main hole and then line the top half up and mark the holes for the bolts and then use a step drill. and i had to remove the front light to drill the second hole. i didn’t have to do anything with the front washer bottle, as it was replaced when the ARB bullbar was fitted

Snorkel 2

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