Soo i was sick of tired of the poor performance of my factory speakers.. so several months ago i installed a set of Sony 6.5″ three ways in the front and second row. I have never been happy with these (i got them at the JB-Hifi Boxing day special) they kept distorting at low volumes, well they had a max input of 30watts RMS and the overall sound quality was terrible.

Anyway so i was looking for reasonable cost effective replacements and done a tone of research.. then i came across Kicker speakers, had many real positive reviews.. and i was in JB-Hifi last week and there they were, since I got a few $$ from the tax man i went and bought a set of 6X9 for the doors behind the driver/passenger.. and the wife was like might as well get front ones as well so they all they same.. Soo I didn’t waste time and off i went and got the 6.5″ for the fronts.

Back home and the fronts went in, took about 15min all up, since the Sony plugs were the right polarity and size and in they went..

The second row speakers took some thinking.

My first try was to cut the inner ring out and put them in.. but then you block a lot of the sound out… so that was no good, every drum beat caused the panel to flex.. then i went and cut the panel below the door light and put in a piece of wood to see.. and hey that was better.. but lots of open space and it was ugly…

then i spent around a half a day thinking, designing templates and trying different designs and then finally i had what i wanted.

i used mdf, built the wood bits, waterproofed the backs and installed them.. then i went and got good carpet and put then on and then cut the speaker holes and put them in..the speakers now sit flush and the windows also go up and down.. the pictures don’t do it justice, but i like the look and feel and the sound oh man woot..

My next step is my sub and my amp, i have a 4 channel 150watt RMS/ch unit (all up a 600watt RMS amp) that will run the 6X9 and 12inch sub.. i like going down the road and people are looking for the doof doof car and then when they realize its me i got a doof doof pajero.. then i get and i am like

Speaker 2 speaker1

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