The other day, after dropping off my nephew i went to start my car, click stop. put in neutral and back too park.. turn key.. nothing, no lights no dash nothing.. i mean?? eh wth is going on.. its a new battery..

anyway call my Dad, gives me idea.. says take jumper leads and attach to earth on batter and directly to motor.. so i did and hey presto it started.

so i got home and checked my leads positive was fine, negative (traced where it went.) was still together and still it wont work.. i couldn’t be bothered ripping out the starter to get to the negative attachment point on the car.. so i went out and bought some leads and attached one to the body (where the old one is) and the another to the engine.. i will take some time next year and rip out the starter to replace the original earth line..

my car now starts better than it ever did.. and everything works better.. I have been reading that attaching a new earth link directly to the motor will make all the sensors work better and be more accurate.. well so far that seems to be true..

anyway here are some pics..

bat 1

bat 2

bat 3

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