When i bought the car, there was a loud whistling noise, a quick look at the intercooler and there was a massive crack in it.. dam, if i go thru water and get stuck it will suck water in when i let the throttle go and dead motor…

So i began searching for alternatives.. first i contact MM and was stunned at the cost of a brand new replacement.. then i headed to my forum and read up about someone who made his own.. and i added up the cost..then someone mentioned that Cross Country in Adelaide make custom kits.. and the price wasn’t too far off a new from MM and the best bit it would be top mounted.. i really didn’t have the time to make my own Top Mounted Inter-cooler.. so spoke to the love of my life and we decided Cross Country 4×4 is the way to go.

So i contacted them in January 2014 and it took near 5 months and no comunication from them till i got it.. i had to call them..

When my new TMIC intercooler from Cross Country 4×4 finally arrived! (late August/September2014) i examined all the welds and its a top notch job.

Due to some miss communication from supplier, regarding the rocker cover (which you need to send in so they can make mode to it), and a mate on the forum asking me ‘when i am sending it in so he can get his’… i was like to say the least.. Anyway since i happened to have this weekend off I started yesterday morning removing all the old bits and disconnecting stuff..and during this process my brother-in-law stopped by to drop off tools. at the exact time he arrived i snapped the bolt on the EGR exhaust output.. i was like and so he decided to help me yesterday doing the swap over.. Good thing too as he is a welder and metal worker so i was spoiled with the expert cutting of bonnet hole etc.. but try all the things we could in our arsenal we couldn’t get the bolt out (special pliers, welding nuts etc) it was stuck in there.. so using the trusty angle grinder, we cut a slot for the bolt.. now finally the fitting of the kit could continue.

the instructions are very good, but a few things to take note of

  • the fan bolts are loose (fan under the inter-cooler – which is powered via ACC [i found a connector under the hood] and is on all the time while the car is running), use some lock tight and re-tighten these bolts holding the fan in place!
  • in order to put the rear bracket bolts on, simply unbolt the fuel filter from the firewall and let it drop.. easier access
  • cover the window with a tarp and fire resistant material, prevents the sparks from cutting the hole from sticking to the window.
  • the scoop template is not a 100% accurate, so as the document says.. measure, measure again.. and then a third and forth time and a fifth etc.
  • had to re-tap 3 holes in the scoop for the nuts.
  • install a new rocker cover gasket, this can be had for $50 from MM
  • when removing the rocker cover and putting a new one, best to use a small amount of gasket maker not in the track but where it will mate with the car.
  • the sponge wasn’t enough and i have ordered a bit more to properly fill the gaps.
  • the scoop is white!!!! so umm yeah i need to buy paint… lucky tho many car paint shops (sell paint to panel beaters) and can match the paint with the vin code and make you a can or two of spray paint. so next payday some painting gear and i will make the white scoop a nice shade of green!!

Am I impressed, heck yes and oh man doesmy car fly down the road.. yeeeehaaaaaa a doof doof with me in the drivers seat
Was it worth the cost and wait?? yes

found out there is no pcv valves on diesels (blowby), cause the inside was coated with oil (yet all the rockers/springs had a nice even coat of oil).. i couldn’t install the catch can cause it has not arrived, i figured a couple of weeks wont mater and get my mate his kit.

Edit: Just found out Cross Country 4×4 No longer make these kits 😦

Some Photos





Date: 04 November 2014

Well my Mom blessed me with special paint.. basically went to supercheap and had couple of paint cans made to special order.. they took my paint code and mixed 2 cans up for me.. now my scoop is no longer white.. pics below.

Thanks Mom 🙂

painted scoop 2 painted scoop1

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